Fri July 21st - 7:30pm - SUN FUN: Wines for Summer!

Join your hosts, Wine + Sales Director, Cameron Ruiz, and Assistant Wine Manager, Courtney Large, for another one of our famous monthly wine events!  In addition to celebrating the parting of the clouds above Seattle, we are also celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our subscription Wine Club!

We will be featuring a variety of 6 wines, perfect for enjoying the summer heat, picnicking in the summer sun and/or staying warm at a bonfire on the windblown beaches of Alki or Golden Gardens! We will have fruity and dry whites from the Pacific Northwest, lighter bodied and intensely flavored reds from Italy, and some heavy reds from our favorite WA winemaker and from Greece (after all, where better to get a big, bold red for summer weather than the hot, Mediterranean climate of the ancient Gods?!).

For $25+tax you get to try all 6 wines, complete with delicious and decadent "small bites" that demonstrate the brilliance of proper food pairings. Who knows...if you're good, we may even pamper you with an extra taste of a rather unique version of a classic varietal that may or may not be from Macedonia!

As always, participants in the wine event receive deep discounts on any and all purchases!

Seating is limited, so sign up to join us for several glasses of Summertime Happiness.

For more information regarding this event, please call us at 206-292-5555

Fri July 21st - 7:30pm - SUN FUN: Wines for Summer!
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