Avocado Oil - 250ml/8.4oz

Avohaus is the only producer of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil who takes special care in the production and storage of the oil to produce this high quality best tasting product. The fresh clean mild and buttery flavor of the avocado is captured during our extraction process making Avohaus Avocado Oil unique, not only in flavor but in quality and green color. We only use large Hass avocados and wait until the day they are ripe, just like you would eat at home, remove the skin and seed and cold press the flesh, retaining all 25+ vitamins and minerals of the fresh avocado in the vibrant green nectar.

Rich, mild and buttery with pure avocado flavor

Did You Know?

Avocado Oil has a high smoke point of 500 degrees F - suitable for frying!

Grapeseed Oil 480 F

Coconut Oil 330 F

Olive Oil 270 F (not suitable for frying)

  • Product of New Zealand, GMO Free,100% Natural.
  • Avohaus has 12 to 14 Full Size Hass Avocados in each bottle.
  • Good source of Beta-Sitosterol a known cholesterol blocker and cancer fighter.
  • Avocado Oil has unique skin benefits that provide a natural 8-15 SPF.




Avohaus Avocado Oil - 250ml/8.4oz
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  • Manufacturer: AvoHaus
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