Black Truffle Bruschetta - 9.9oz/280g

A wonderfully flavorful combo of fresh-tasting Italian tomato sauce and Black Truffles - we LOVE this stuff! Use it as a topping for Bruschetta, or pizza, or as a pasta sauce, or in a meatball sandwich...or just spoon it out of the jar! (This is perfect for anyone watching their sugar and/or salt intake: the Italians believe in waiting 'til things are ripe, and THEN making it into a sauce, so they don't add all that sugar and junk to try to make it taste like something.)

INGREDIENTS: Tomato pulp, exra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, black truffle juice (T Melanosporum Vitt.), Summer truffle (T Aestivum Vitt.), salt, sugar, parsley, garlic, pepper, flavors.

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Black Truffle Bruschetta - 9.9oz/280g
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  • Manufacturer: Bartolini
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