Soiree Wine Aerator

Soirée is an on-the-bottle wine aerator/decanter. It adds oxygen to your wine to enhance flavor and aroma - with no more effort than pouring a glass of wine!

Wine needs to "breathe" to taste as the winemaker intended. Traditional decanters are hard to clean, commonly awkward to pour with, and expensive. Soirée aerate your big reds instantaneously for a smoother, more balanced flavor.

Its one-handed operation makes Soiree easier to use than competing products - and, rather than passing the wine through a narrow chamber and injecting air into the wine, the Soiree achieves aeration by relying on the tendency liquids have to adhere to surfaces - effectively exposing more of the wine to air while pouring.

You and your guests will truly taste the difference! (Orders Over $99 Ship FREE!*)

Soiree Wine Aerator
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  • Manufacturer: Soiree
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