White Gold Honey - 9oz

White Gold Honey comes from a remote, pristine environment in Northern Canada. It's unique in that it is not "whipped" or "spun". It is pure, unfiltered, unheated, untreated white raw honey, produced from 100% pure clover.

Hand packed, the honey self solidifies soon after extraction from the hive due to its extremely low moisture content. White Gold Honey is an off-white cream color, and is thicker than other honeys. It has a texture similar to a soft caramel candy - sticky and smooth.

Exquisitely mild, it makes a wonderful and healthy sweetener for tea or coffee. It's a delightful spread for anything hot, where it will thin out to an almost buttery consistency: biscuits, toast, freshly baked scones or English muffins. It makes a delicious topping for hot cereals, and is excellent when paired with butter. You'll want to eat it straight from the jar - a spoonful is an excellent energy source! Imported from Canada.

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White Gold Honey - 9oz
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