White TRUFF Hot Sauce - Limited Release (gift boxed) - 6ozs

Featured in OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS - 2019!

Taking inspiration from their flagship black truffle formulation, the flavor geniuses at TRUFF have shifted gears to capture the limited, seasonal availability of the highly-prized White Truffle.  Using an organic agave nectar from Jalisco, they have balanced the Spice and Truffle with a nice hint of sweetness, with a touch or coriander.


2,500-3,000 SHU (Mild to medium heat - their focus is on flavor, so it's not going to burn your tongue off.)

INGREDIENTS: TRUFF Chili Blend (red chili peppers, vinegar, organic sugar, garlic, salt, white truffle powder concentrate), organic agave nectar, olive oil infused with white truffle essence, lycopene and glycerin (for color), organic cumin, organic coriander and Xanthan gum.

White TRUFF Hot Sauce - Limited Release (gift boxed) - 6ozs
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